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About Taylor-Rae

"As a young girl that preferred goals over glitter, tracksuits over tiaras I was told more times than I can remember that I couldn't! At the age of 11 I am the only girl on my football team and the youngest in most of the team activities I enjoy. With this in mind I created - Taylor-Rae, The Brand, for everyone that has ever been told that they CAN'T! 

This is my way of telling those that said I can't, that I most defiantly CAN and I WILL!"

Taylor-Rae is an 11 year old Performing Arts Secondary School Student. She has a passion as well as a talent for Street Dance.

TR entered and successfully won her first ever dance competition in November (2016), and has since gone on to win more competitions as a soloist as well as part of a Crew, her and the Crew successfully won their category at one of the UK's largest Street Dance competitions - UDO, and therefore qualified for a place in the World Championships this August (as part of a crew as well as qualifying as a soloist).

Taylor-Rae is a very creative child and mature beyond her years, her interests lay in many areas but some of her favourites are Cars, Football and Properties - At one stage she knew the price, room sizes and more of a large number of the properties for sale in her local area.

Many of her family members own their own business's, so it was no surprise that Taylor-Rae wanted to follow in their Entrepreneurial steps, she had a number of business ideas and after some deliberation decided to begin with the T-Shirt and Cap line. As a dancer and a sports person she is often in t-shirts, caps, hoodies etc so it made perfect sense to create her own.... we hope you like it

She has met some incredibly successful and inspirational people on her journey so far that she now classes as friends and hopes to one day be just as inspirational to others as these people have been to her... see some of them below

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